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Women in Politics

May - 17 - 2013

Even though, over the years, politics has been considered to be more a concern belonging to men, women seem to gain more attention in this sphere, as well. Moreover, we can say that, these days, there are many famous names of politician women who are involved in making political decisions concerning national and even international political issues. You surely have heard of Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton, who are among those women known world-wide due to their role in politics. Of course, there are even more women in politics that people have not heard of, yet they are making a positive difference in every country and even in the world with their brilliant minds. However, it seems harder for women to succeed in politics, as they have been considered long time to be more sensitive and emotional persons, who can not judge correctly certain political context or situations.

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It is not secret that, during the antique and medieval ages, women were not trusted to enter politics and they were considered to be more fitted to raise children and take care of their families. Actually, back then, men disapproved women in politics, so they were not given the same rights as men in political life, as they were considered weak persons who could be easily influenced and manipulated by other political representatives. However, we are not referring to the matriarchate times, when women had all power to decide for the sake of their people and rule their countries, unlike men who got secondary roles in politics.

Over the years, comparing to men, less women have been considered important and mentioned in a nation’s history as prominent political figures that led wars. But, since emperors, kings or monarchs have always been interested in enlarging their empires, it is no wonder why they are quite often mentioned in history as conquerors of new territories. Women seem to have been concerned more with ensuring peace and order within their empires and even maintaining peace with other nations nearby, which is why, except for a few cases, they don’t appear in history leading wars and battles meant to bring destruction and killing to their people and neighbors.

Currently, women in politics seem to be very popular and they occupy important political positions in most states existing on the globe. Thus, it has been reported the fact that lately, women’s participation in political life increased at all levels, from the local to the national level.

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