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April - 9 - 2013

Have you ever wondered what is politics and just could not find the right answer, well we are going to give you a proper explanation on the subject. The general definition of politics is a group of people making collective decisions. It is a mix of authority and power all wrapped in social relations. The term is used for the phenomenon in which a government of state is being handled but which is applied to all the states institutes.

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The politic definition for the word ‘politics‘ was born in Greece is it comes from the original word ‘politika’. The word was first mentioned in one of Aristotle‚Äôs books called ‘affairs of the city’. The politic definition for the word ‘politics’ was first mentioned in the 1520s. The singular of politics is politic but this word does not come from the Greek name it comes from a french word.

The state is a form or organization which was born from the desire of developing the art of warfare. If we stop and think a little all the political communities owe their existence in the modern world to warfare.

All states have a number of institutions through which they work. Up until one point the institute of the french was the kingship but that all stopped when the revolution came and put an end to the divine right of the king which was sacred back then. We have to say that even though the institute of kingship does not exist in the modern world anymore it has been one of the most successful institutes of a state. The only difference between now and then is that then the king was the institution where as now we have to rely on a number of institution to make proper decisions related to our country.

As far as political parties are concerned the politic definition is: political organizations which are always looking for power and maintaining it. The way politics work is similar to good workout routines. They focus on building certain strengths and they persevere in order to maintain the power. Each party has a certain way of looking on how a state should be ruled. In order to participate at decisions related to the state they participate and elections and let the people decide who should be there representing their interests.

These are the main things you should know on what is politics, there is a huge mount of information on this subject. Many of these pieces of information you can find on the internet. If you are interested in this subject we are sure that you will not limit yourself to the internet, you will go to the library and read all you want.

Furthermore if you are interested in a career in politics you should arm yourself with a lot of ambition. As we said, being successful in politics demands a lot of perseverance. The political environment tests your mind in the same manner that good workout routines test your body. If you fail, you must always be ready to persevere and improve your political skills.

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