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What Is Political Art?

December - 5 - 2011

Have you ever wondered what is political art, well we have and here are some of the answers with which we have come with. It seems like political art has always been present in our lives, it is the way though which social and political life is reflected. As far as America is concerned political art has been present since the beginning of its history. Over the last few years a famous newspaper has gained popularity for its political art column.

What Is Political Art What Is Political Art Picture
  • ¬†Sociopolitical art: this type of art, sociopolitical, is the one used to help people understand political issues and social issues. It is a way to express certain concerns that we may have on certain political problems.
  • The role of artists: artists use to express in their art certain points of view even if it is not their own. It is the way they see and interpret the social life.
  • Propaganda: Even though artists do not present their personal views on politics they can use their art as propaganda for a certain cause. We have numerous examples to support this. For example, during the world war II both the nazi and the Americans used propaganda in order to gather support from their citizens.
  • Protest: political art has also been used as a way of protesting. It is the way the artists used to let the politicians know that they are not pleased with some decisions they have made. A good example is the protest in the 80s¬† organized by AIDS activists who wanted to let the politicians and the government that they are not happy with the way they are treated.
  • Satire: it is hard to imagine humor in serious problems related to politics. But the satire is the only political art who tries to show us the funny side of politics. It has been present in our history for a very long time and people seem to love it.

This is a huge part of what is political art, what is it’s role and how it can help us. Political art has been present for many years and it will be present for many years to come. After you have read all this the next time you open the newspaper and read the political column you will know that the funny stuff is political art. Not anyone can do it but the ones who can are doing a great job.

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