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Golf is known as the sport that allows you to relax while playing it. We present to you a few famous politicians who like to relax while playing a golf game. It’s easy to relax when you know you have very advanced equipment such as golf clubs, balls, and even rangefinder. However most of them had the rule of not talking about politics when they were on the field.

The World's Famous Politicians Who Like to Play Golf Picture The World's Famous Politicians Who Like to Play Golf Picture

George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior

They were the 41st and the 43rd president’s of the United States. They both are passionate golfers. The talent and passion to play golf has been transmitted apparently from their family – George Bush Seniors’s grandfather – Prescott was USGA president in 1935. He also was a scratch handicap player. One of the most insensitive moments of George W Bush Junior, as you probably remember, happened when he was on the golf field and he was asked what does he think about the 9/11 event.

Winston Churchill

Even if some people think that Churchill didn’t enjoy playing golf, he is an average golf player. He is famous for a golf observation – he said that golf is a game whose aim is to hit a small ball into an even smaller hole. Radolph, his son observed that this father usually fails to keep his head down every time he hits the ball.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton took a ten year break before he started to play golf again. At 27 years old he began to play golf with his wife Hillary’s brothers.

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary learned to play golf when she received her education in France. She was caught playing golf just a few days after her husband has died although it’s believed she should have been in mourning. This fact led to her arrest and death.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower is one of the American presidents who liked to play golf all his life but really begin to love playing it when he got older. He was a member of several golf clubs and he used to play off a low handicap. At Augusta National there is a tree that has the nickname inspired by his name – the “Eisenhower Tree”. It comes from the day when he had problems with it during his game.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama enjoys playing golf very much. Right now is thought to be handicapped around 18. He has amazing golfing skills. He doesn’t get upset when the ball doesn’t travel the way as it should or if he makes a bad shot. He doesn’t take the game too seriously, this thing allowing him to stay relaxed during the whole golf game. Nevertheless, he always likes to be equipped with the best golf gadgets which is why he often reads laser golf rangefinder reviews. While people who played golf in the past didn’t have the benefit of such modern equipments, it pays to invest in your golf gear nowadays.

As you can see, golf is a very noble sport which attracts very powerful men. However, you don’t need to be a politician in order to play golf. All you need is determination and the right gadgets. If you are a beginner player, we advise you to read some laser golf rangefinder reviews. A rangefinder can greatly improve your game as it can provide accurate course readings so that you won’t have to guess which club you need for each shot.

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