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Politicians are the people who represent our interests in building a quality society. On the other hand they are also the people who represent us in the world and we can all agree on the fact that their education, skills and even look can affect the way that the world is viewing us. Given the fact that they are the most influential and powerful people in our nation, it makes only sense that their look should reflect their status but that is not always the case.

The classic look
When it comes to politician looks, classic always seems to be the most common choice. However, most people have grown rather tired of seeing most politicians wear the same boring classic short haircut with a side sweep. We are not saying that we would want to see a pompadour in the parliament meetings but a little diversity wouldn’t hurt. It is a well known fact that young people show little to no interest in politics and we can’t help but wonder whether the reason for this is the fact that they can’t connect with the politicians. We want the people who are representing our future to reflect an interest in the modern lifestyle and most politicians look as if they are styled at a saloon in the sixties. We all agree on the fact that John F. Kennedy’s comb over was quite flattering but a long time has passed since and we would like to see our politicians putting more effort into their style.
The worst politician haircuts
When it comes to really bad short haircuts sported by politicians we can all agree on the fact that the worst ones that use what little hair is left in order to cover bold spots. We understand that as you grow older, you start loosing hair but we would prefer our politicians to embrace their boldness rather than make futile attempts at hiding it. We are also not found of elderly women wearing the same short hairstyles that teen boy pop stars wear.
The best politician haircuts
When it comes to great politician hairstyles, the first family has the best answers. Obama’s clean short haircut may lack originality but it looks quite fitting for a president. Furthermore, we have nothing but praise for the first lady who shows a lot of class at all the events she is attending. We also like the very sophisticated short haircut sported by the former Ohio senator, James Trafican. Some people may think that the unusual haircut sported by Mr. Trafican is slightly inappropriate but it is actually very interesting. As far as hairstyles go, women have a lot more choices and that fact also translates into politics. However, this doesn’t mean that men can’t also look good. After all, politicians are supposed to emanate power and their look can contribute greatly to their status.

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