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The future of higher education

September - 9 - 2013

For a long time higher education was a privilege granted either to the wealthy citizens or to the overachievers. However, in the last decades a lot of efforts have been made by governments in order to facilitate the access to college education. As a result more and more people enrolled and graduated college and for a while college graduates made a difference in the world and their effort was rewarded with financial stability and a higher level of life. However, the economy started to shake and so did the standards of college education. Nowadays, there are countless people who graduate college and are unprepared for the real world. Furthermore many graduates are unable to find a job in their chosen field. Given this facts one can’t help but wonder how the future of college education is going to look like.


Online Universities
Despite the fact that there are numerous government programs that support the students, higher education continues to be extremely expensive. Numerous students graduate with huge financial debts which they must start paying as soon as they graduate whether or not they have a job. Given the fact that the internet is conquering all the fields of our society, it has also infiltrated in the educational system. Nowadays there are a lot of online colleges which are very efficient and a lot cheaper than normal universities. However, despite the fact that these colleges and their students take the educational process very seriously, a lot of people are wondering whether or not online diplomas are as valuable as normal diplomas. There are of course numerous employers who would prefer to hire a person who graduated a well known normal college instead of hiring a graduate of an online university. Still, more and more people are enrolling online colleges. Come to think of it, they make perfect sense in a world which is constantly moving and they will probably have a significant role to play in the future of education.

The value of higher education
Given the fact that there are so many people who graduate without any promises of a job, high school graduates are starting to wonder whether or not college education is even worth the effort. A lot of people prefer to take their chances in the real world instead of wasting their time on the benches of a university while gathering enormous debts. It is true that people without a college education are unlikely to get good jobs yet college graduates don’t seem to be having an easier life. So, is there still a point to higher education or is it just part of a vicious circle through which the government controls the financial situation of the citizens. Furthermore, given the fact that the education standards are a lot lower than they used to be, the economy is also seriously affected as people are not educated enough in order to bring positive contributions to the society. In order for this situation to change it is important that the government regulates the costs of higher education making it more affordable. If education is so valuable, then perhaps the debts should only be paid in the moment that the graduates manage to have the careers that they are promised when they enroll college.

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