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Political Vocabulary Words

April - 9 - 2013

We all need to learn some political vocabulary words no matter what we do, weather we are sitting at home watching the news or we are college freshmen preparing for our first test. If you want to understand politics you need to know at least the basics. For example, we have the word ´red tape´ which means the result of a political action or ´electoral college´ which means a set of concepts set by an authority. If you do not know the meaning of this kind of words you are just standing in front of the TV not knowing what that person is trying to tell you.

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Here we are going to present to you some political words which will help you understand better politics:

  • Congressional districts: when we are talking about congressional districts we are talking about areas which are a result of the dividing of a state. The state is sectioned into pieces of land of about 570.000 citizens. It is this districts who decide the number of elected officials that go the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Electoral college: the members of each electoral college are direct responsible for for the election of the president and the vice-president of the entire country. The number of electoral is the same as the number of representatives the state has in the U.S congress.
  • Filibuster: it sound strange but this word actually stand for a phenomenon which accrues between senators which speak non stop in order to block the passage of a bill. Since a senator does not have a limited time of speaking he can choose to speak as long as he want if he does not want a bill to be approved.
  • Lame duck: a call a politician a lame duck when his term is about to expire. Because of this his power lessens and he becomes a lame duck.
  • Lobby: this term is often used in the political vocabulary. It actually stands for a group of people who want to influence the action of an elected official. This word dates back from the 17th century when people who wanted to speak to a legislator had to wait in the hall of the lobby.

These are some of the word from the political vocabulary words which you should know in order to better understand what politicians and people from the news are saying.  Whether it’s democratic party leaders or news anchors saying them, it is good to understand these terms if we want to understand the world we live in, and the rules by which our society is governed. Politics, whether we’re political or not, affect us all, so even if we don’t have strong views on the subject, it is important to at least know what is going on; this is what can help us choose between republican or democratic party leaders, and, on a much wider scale, influence the way our world is being run.These words are just a small part of what you should know.

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