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Online personal branding

April - 11 - 2013

Every profile owner has the responsibility of protecting its online personal branding and working hard in order to permanently improve it. Reputation is important because it brings you value, profit and keeps customers interested in your business. Even though you may be thinking that people should not be mislead by an image, a few words or a subjective opinion about your brand, the reality is completely different.

From an ethical point of view, one should appreciate online personal branding for its results, quality level and professionalism, but from a pragmatic point of view, most of us prefer a company or another depending on what we see, the impression it leaves in our heart, the attitude it reflects towards its customers and the illusion we have when thinking of this one. We forget the content and focus on the coverage.


Now that we have cleaned this mystery, let’s see how people act when they want to reach to your business website. As we all have been used to, google is a reliable friend for helping us find everything we want. Unfortunately, this friend happens to make mistakes from time to time or simply cannot have the possibility to offer its hand to us, because the clues we have are too fragile. In the meantime, we should take into account that if the element we are looking for is not promoted well enough, it will be easily overshadowed by something else, which is defined by the same characteristics we have typed on google. Nowadays, one of the best ways to promote yourself is through social media, utilizing environments like Twitter or Facebook. You can even take a few promotion lessons from these two social networks, and analyze how they’ve come to be so popular and well-known by everyone. Image is very important, from the tiniest details like social media icon, to the network’s policy in regards to users or content, and so on. As an individual, you need your own alternative to a social media icon, you need a brand that represents you; and besides hiring a branding expert to “create” an image for you, there are several tools and methods you can employ in order to do the job yourself.

Online personal branding not only refers to maintaining a clean image of your business, but also promoting it and making it available to everyone. It means you have to make sure people can easily find you on the internet, the keywords they type will lead them directly to your website and there is no breaking of links in the process of reaching you. If this fact happens, you will be disappointed to see how your customers leave you one by one, your sales decrease more and more and someone else takes your place on the market. You will be frustrated to find out that this sad event was not a consequence of your professional products and total involvement, but it is due to wrongly managed online personal branding. In this respect, one of the top small business ideas is to set up a company that deals with creating personal branding; if you’re good at PR and advertising, then you could employ your skills to help others as well. Thus, you will know not only how to brand your branding company, but you will always get customers that wish to promote their own top small business ideas as well.

Online personal branding involves a few hours of work and a well-kept conscience of the image you would like to promote in the virtual world. Do not exaggerate on making it perfect and be attentive enough to see and apply the requirements of the actual online marketing worldwide!

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