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How to Avoid Office Politics

December - 9 - 2011

Most of us do not know how to avoid office politics because at some point we confront ourselves with problems coming from our coworkers. All you can do is watch them day by day, how they suck up to their boss and trying to get all the credits for everyone’s effort.

How to Avoid Office Politics How to Avoid Office Politics Picture

The first thing you have to do is avoid direct confrontation with the co-workers. Even though it might sound easier to just tell him what is on your mind you have high chances of loosing. They will see this as a childish behavior and apply the office politics. They will see your outburst as an opportunity to have a talk with your boss and you do not want that. Another reason why you should not do this is because it can back fire, you can make matter worse.

If you feel that the situation has gotten out of hand you should go to the HR management, they are the ones who are there to solve this types of situation. This is not a secure option because the other party can be in good relations with the boss which means that  he will not get in trouble. However, you should go there and report the problem not matter what, especially if you have ways of proving this unacceptable behavior.

The best way to ovoid all types of office politics is to be yourself and not take part at random discussions about other co workers. For example, avoid places such as the water cooler where everyone gathers and starts to gossip and talk mean about others. If someone tries to get you into this type of discussions be polite and avoid them.

When office politics try to put you down it is very important to be strong. Try to avoid them as much as possible and not let them interfere in what you are doing, and get you off track from you goal. The best situation is to excel in what you do and you will be fine.

You should now that office politics exist in any company because they are something natural. It is an element which is part of our human nature but we should not make use of it when we do not have high performances, do not make it an excuse for your lack of commitment and dedication.

So, this is how to avoid office politics we hope that if you have this type of problem our advice have helped you.

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