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According to a research commissioned by the Department of Transport highlighted an important fact: in the UK there are almost 250,000 mobility scooter owners who constantly break the law. The main problem is not about the speed, because scooters have only 8mps speed. Britain’s mobility scooter owners are in fact driving their mobility devices illegally. If you are interested in finding out more information about this topic, here’s what you need to know.

Are Mobility Scooter Users in Britain Breaking the Law Picture Are Mobility Scooter Users in Britain Breaking the Law Picture

Registration and insurance

As a general rule, mobility scooter owners need to have their mobility devices registered and get a tax disc or exemption certificate. This applies to all such vehicles, whether we are talking about a folding mobility scooter or a motorized wheelchair. Those who break the law have failed to register their mobility scooters with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). Not only most of these scooters are not registers, there are also some who refuse to insure their vehicle. Insurance is important because it gives you peace of mind when you use your scooter. It’s recommended to insure your mobility scooter in case there’s an accident, damage, theft or injuries.

Are mobility scooters misused?

Mobility scooters are devices specially created for people who suffer from a mobility problem. These devices are intended to make their life easier. They are not designed for high distances. Most of them are folding mobility scooter units, which can be transported in the trunk of the car. They are meant to be used on short distances in order to help people with mobility problems do their shopping or visit their friends. However, it was discovered that many mobility scooters are being sold in Britain to people who have no mobility impairment whatsoever. Furthermore, the design and technical features of some mobility scooters have been completely innovated and changed to suit the needs of those who wish to have a luxurious scooter capable of reaching higher speeds. These luxurious scooters, which are illegally imported, sell for up to £6,000, turning them into high-end gadgets.

Accidents involving mobility scooters

There have been some negative reports regarding accidents caused by mobility scooters. For example, in Britain, year 2004 there have been 1,134 incidents involving mobility scooters. It is therefore important to take all the safety measures in order to prevent serious accidents from happening. Unfortunately, most of the mobility vehicles which cause accidents are not registered or insured. In addition, it has been reported that many mobility vehicles were poorly maintained.
These vehicles are not required to undergo safety checks and even worse, users don’t require any form of training, eyesight check or an health assessment before riding their mobility scooters on the road or the pavement.
As it has been reported, local authorities have failed to take matters into their own hands and try to enforce the law for those who try to break it each day. According to the Department for Transport, the rules and regulations that the govern uses for the mobility scooters are currently reviewed.

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