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In Britain, there are almost 250,00 mobility scooter owners who fail to follow the rules and regulations of driving their vehicles. There have been also a number of accidents as a result of poorly maintained mobility scooters.

We present to you some of the most famous beards in politics. Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler had some imposing facial hairstyles. The mustache and the beard became some emblems for their particular appearances.

We present to you a short list of famous politicians who like to play golf. Among the people who think that a golf game is a very good way to relax are: Barack Obama, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Mary Queen of Scots, George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior.

If you are willing to find out more about how to join a political campaign, you should know that all you have to do is to make a little search on the Internet and get the contact data of the local campaign officers of your favorite candidate; if you choose to volunteer and support your candidate in the election, you might also have the chance to get a good job in politics.

It wasn’t so long ago that OPEC dominated the world when it came to the production of crude oil needed to fuel Western economies. With global crude oil prices still hovering at around $100 a barrel, it doesn’t appear that OPEC’s well of revenues is going to dry up any time soon. However, fundamental changes […]

Many things can be said about the diplomacy of American politics, yet the most important aspect is to mention that the most important political figures on the stage of American politics seem to be concerned with the politics of peace; moreover, the idea of peace-making and peace-keeping seems to be the aim of many other countries on the globe.

Politicians are the people who represent our interests in building a quality society. On the other hand they are also the people who represent us in the world and we can all agree on the fact that their education, skills and even look can affect the way that the world is viewing us. Given the […]

For a long time higher education was a privilege granted either to the wealthy citizens or to the overachievers. However, in the last decades a lot of efforts have been made by governments in order to facilitate the access to college education. As a result more and more people enrolled and graduated college and for […]

Being a politician implies a lot of duties, a busy work schedule – which sometimes may require extra hours of work- , stress and huge responsibility, so it is very important to know how motivated you are, when seeking to find out how to get a job in politics; moreover, a sharp, analytical mind is a must, as well as a solid academic background in politics.

There are many things you should be aware of, when learning how to start a political party and the most important stages are to gather as many members as possible, prior to completing the official documents, then find a name and a logo for your party, create a booklet, where to put down all your political aspirations and also create a website to promote your political organization.

Even though, during the antique and medieval ages, women were not trusted to enter politics and they were considered to be more fitted to raise children and take care of their families, these days, women in politics are very popular; moreover, women’s participation in political life increased at all levels, from the local to the national level.

Have you long dreamed of holding political office, perhaps even holding a job in the Oval Office? Political careers are not for everyone, but those who desire a career in politics are often rewarded in many ways. Just like any career (but politics especially), starting out slow is key. The key to winning your first […]

Every profile owner has the responsibility of protecting its online personal branding and working hard in order to permanently improve it. Reputation is important because it brings you value, profit and keeps customers interested in your business. Even though you may be thinking that people should not be mislead by an image, a few words […]

We all need to learn some political vocabulary words no matter what we do, weather we are sitting at home watching the news or we are college freshmen preparing for our first test. If you want to understand politics you need to know at least the basics. For example, we have the word ´red tape´ […]

Not many people believe that teen political issues can be a part of a teenager’s life because at this age they are more concerned about how they look and finding a place to fit it. This is not entirely true because there are many political issues which could be of great interest to them. Some […]

What is Politics

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Have you ever wondered what is politics and just could not find the right answer, well we are going to give you a proper explanation on the subject. The general definition of politics is a group of people making collective decisions. It is a mix of authority and power all wrapped in social relations. The […]

It is very important to know how to write a political campaign speech if you are a PR or even a politician. When you want to write it you have to make sure that you take all matters into consideration like: what message you want to send, if you want to make promises that you […]

We are going to give you some tips on how to write a political newsletter all on your own. There are a lot o topics which have not faded in interest for ages and one of them is politics. Many people seem relay interesting in this subject, so interested that they have gone past the […]

We always ask ourselves how to talk about politics at works and it seems that we can never find the right answer. No matter where you work and if there are elections or not people like to talk about politics. We are here to tell you that you do not have to avoid this kind […]

Here we are going to present you how to make a career in politics without having to encounter many problems. Most political figures from America have a business or law background, this is the area from which many aspire to become a politician. We all know that for the past few years the image of […]